Jaime Lisk

Jaime Lisk is a facilitator, team builder, and trainer whose goal is to create a positive impact in the personal and professional lives of her clients. 

Her experience as a consultant in both private and public sectors gives her insights into the needs of clients in a variety of industries. Notable partnerships include pharmaceutical, healthcare, advertising, government, nonprofit, and association management industries. 

As a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, she leads teams to a deeper understanding of their strengths and diversity to increase productivity and collaboration. She also works with clients to help them select and retain employees and delivers customized trainings such as Respect in the Workplace, Workplace Wellness 101, and Self-Awareness. 

Jaime is a certified facilitator for the RealTime Coaching program—a simple, practical approach for people who rely on others to create results. RealTime Coaching is a highly interactive workshop, featuring 65% active participation and situational role play, allowing participants to successfully navigate coaching conversations immediately. She conducts both company-sponsored and public RealTime Coaching cohorts throughout the country.

Jaime received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Georgetown College and a Masters in Industrial & Organizational Psychology from Eastern Kentucky University.