Price Associates Certifies Applied Axiologists

Price Associates conducted its third Applied Axiology-Trimetric HDTM Certification Course the week of April 16-20, 2018. Business leaders and executive advisors from across the globe attended the 5-day training, completing over 40 hours of study, testing and certification work. The training was conducted by Certified Master Axiologist Ron Price. It is the only training of its kind in the world. Thirteen business leaders were certified, including two members of the Price Associates core team: Dr. Evans Baiya and Andy Johnson.

Applied Axiology provides a deeper understanding of the academic foundations of value theory and its practical application in a variety of settings. Axiology is to the social sciences what mathematics is to natural sciences.

Completion of the course allows participants to utilize Applied Axiology in their coaching, consulting and training businesses. The science of Axiology has wide application for hiring, onboarding, succession planning, coaching, performance management, self-awareness, team building, and personal development.