The Complete Leader Adds to Faculty

Sixteen new facilitators have been certified to lead The Complete Leader program, after completing a three-day accreditation process.  
The Complete Leader (TCL) is an international EMBA-style leadership development program designed to identify and develop the leadership skills necessary to excel in current and future roles. 
Each of the new program facilitators is a leader in his or her field, with years of business and advising experience. The facilitator certification session addressed the importance of leadership development in the modern workplace, and the reasons why so many leadership development programs fail. The course also featured eight different subject matter experts speaking about personal branding, intergenerational leadership, debate skills, creativity, innovation, presentation skills, job benchmarking, crucial conversations, building champion cultures, and more.  
“This is a unique time for organizations because leadership is changing in many different ways,” said Ron Price, coauthor of The Complete Leader book and President of Price Associates. “We are excited to increase The Complete Leader’s worldwide impact, after already facilitating several programs in the U.S., Turkey and Brazil.”
The Complete Leader program is a mix of hands-on learning, presentations, study, and one-on-one coaching, during which participants spend 14 months working on essential leadership skills. TCL has been a catalyst for leadership growth in dozens of organizations across the U.S. and around the globe. Participants dive deep into a variety of leadership competencies, with mentorship and guidance from leading executive coaches and experts from around the world.
The program includes the TriMetrix HD Leadership Profile Assessment, which utilizes four distinct models to map out recurring patterns of thought, motivation and behavior, as well as a self-assessment of 25 leadership skills. It also includes Emotional Intelligence and Stress Management Assessments to create greater self-awareness and clarity.
The TCL Program is offered through company sponsorship for current and emerging leaders. It is also offered in select cities across the U.S. for individual enrollment throughout the year.
The program is based on best-selling book, The Complete Leader: Everything You Need to Become a High-Performing Leader, which is an encyclopedia of the 25 leadership skills needed for clear thinking, getting things done, leading others, and developing your unique leadership journey.