10 Ways Women Can Grow Their Influence at Work

By Stacy Ennis, SmartBrief.com, September 2019

As women, we have experienced great strides in the past few decades. But still, we’re statistically at a disadvantage: only one in five senior leaders are women, and only one in twenty-five are women of color. A staggering 93.4 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs are men, and only one is a woman of color. 

Those numbers might not be shocking to you—many of us know them by heart. But they are revealing.

With few exceptions, women work in companies that are permeated with conscious and unconscious biases regarding the capabilities and roles of women. Some women overcome barriers through their expertise, others through grit and courage. While there are systemic barriers—certainly hiring and promotion but also how we are parented and educated—there are ways women can grow their influence, right where they are. Here are ten of them. Read more.