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Working in Sync - with Whit Mitchell

By Tom on Leadership

We can judge education and points of wisdom by their impact on long term success.

If you were to go back to 11 of your clients 25 years later, what would you find? How would they remember you? That’s what one coach did, and the results are both educational and uplifting.

Out There Pushing Frontiers

Ron Price shares The Complete Leader

Ron Price was recently interviewed about his visit to TTI SI and Target Training International, Ltd. headquarters in Scottsdale.  While on campus, he met with the leadership team and was briefed on current research and new product initiatives, all of which will be launched at conference in January.

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Welcoming Whit Mitchell to TCL Faculty

By Ron Price
I met Whit Mitchell in 2007 at a national conference of coaches, trainers and consultants.  He went out of his way to introduce himself and took the initiative to build value in our relationship from the start.  This wasn’t a business growth strategy; it is just who he is.  I have never known another person to be as friendly, genuinely interested, and ready to help.

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'Complete Leader' Analyzes Attributes That Add Up To Great Leadership

January 23, 2014

'Complete Leader' Analyzes Attributes That Add Up To Great Leadership

Price and Lisk provide new insight into the complexities of leadership. The Complete Leader is a hugely helpful guide that divides and conquers a topic that can seem overwhelming. For new leaders who want to energize their careers or for those established ones looking to make a greater impact, this is a detailed road map to get you there.