Justin Foster

Justin believes that inside every organization and person is a truth waiting to be converted into a brand and amplified. As a brand strategist, speaker and author, he helps find this truth and amplify it. Justin has a relentless passion to discover and promote "Bacon Brands" - the innovative and authentic brands (both companies and individuals) who are disrupting everything by being perpetually compelling like bacon! Justin is the author of author of "Oatmeal vs. Bacon: How to Differentiate in a Generic World" and “Human Bacon: A Man's Guide to Creating an Awesome Personal Brand".

Using intellectual property developed and honed over 10 years of working with brands of all industries and sizes, Justin delivers brand strategy planning, social business consulting and cultural transformation. Justin works through Price Associates to help develop high performing leaders for high-growth companies. He also works through fassforward Consulting Group, a New York City-based business transformation firm serving Fortune 1000 senior leaders who want to seize big moments and convert them to momentum.

Justin and his wife live in Austin, Texas and have two sons. Outside of his business pursuits, Justin loves drinking good coffee, listening to good music, meeting interesting people and mentoring young leaders.

In the video below, Justin shares insights on how to foster creativity in your self and your organization.