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Potluck Culture

Everyone brings something to the table.

We're excited to introduce Potluck Culture: Five Strategies to Engage the Modern Workplace, the new book by senior faculty member Ranjit Nair, PhD.

"Dr. Nair has captured much of what guides our culture at Gravity Payments. The fact that he shares these insights after working at some of the largest companies in the world speaks to his decision to take the road less traveled - and I applaud him for offering his wisdom."
- Dan Price, CEO Gravity Payments
2014 Entrepreneur Magazine "Entrepreneur of the Year"


Potlucks are about sharing—people sharing a space, stories, food and company. This philosophy can easily be used as a metaphor for workplace cultures that honor and respect people. The ingredients of a great potluck gathering make for a phenomenal Potluck Culture.

The foundation of this methodology is based on five cultural competencies that companies must master in order to make people their #1 differentiator:

Get the right fit.
Finding the right talent starts with finding the right candidate for the organization. Companies need to hire wisely and purposefully. 

Build a culture of dialogue. 
Giving and receiving feedback frequently, while linking the feedback to career and learning opportunities, is a wondrous climate for any organization. 

Take money off the table.
People are smart. They want to know how rewards are determined and set. Compensation needs to be demystified, once and for all. 

Innovate as a habit.
The best companies to work for make innovation a habit by creating a people-based culture that allows collaboration and creativity. 

Make work meaningful.
More than ever before, employees expect their contributions to matter. They want to advance their careers and be a relevant part of their company’s success. 

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